About this index

This web site contains a comprehensive index of commerical recordings of Cape Breton fiddle tunes. Use this site to identify the tunes contained on a recording, and to locate recordings on which a tune is played.

My goal for this web site is to provide the most complete and accurate possible listing of the contents of Cape Breton fiddle recordings. The need for this site is motivated by the unfortunate fact that the liner notes of many Cape Breton fiddle records contain errors or omissions. This site provides a central place where corrections can be made and found. (If you know of additional corrections not already here, please contact me.)

In this index, unlike many tune indexes on the web, I have attempted to identify tunes, not just tune titles, so that different recordings of the same tune are linked together, even where different titles are used. Determining whether two recordings are recordings of the same tune is inherently subjective, and errors (primarily of omission) are likely. Although the results cannot be considered definitive, they are (hopefully) useful.

Another, possibly unique feature of this index is that tunes are identified by their start time within a track, so that each tune reference is unambiguous, even to a novice listener.

The recordings indexed here are all commercial recordings, but many of them are out of print. If you have a recording that is not indexed here that you think should be indexed here, please contact me.

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