Parlor Music
Jerry Holland
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 MacKenzie Hay D strathspey
  01:19 The Kirrie Kebbuck D strathspey
  02:18 Spey in Spate D reel
2 00:00 Mary Claire BF hornpipe
  01:13 Clear the Track BF hornpipe
  02:23 Napoleon BF hornpipe
  03:33 Tom Marsh BF hornpipe
3 00:00 Mrs. MacDowall Grant F strathspey
  01:42 Dr. Keith, Aberdeen F strathspey
  03:08 The Highlands of Banffshire F strathspey
  04:44 Mrs. Gordon of Knockspoch F reel
  05:28 Reel du Vétérinaire F reel
  06:01 Dan Galbey F reel
4 00:00 Mrs. Norman MacKeigan D reel
  01:08 Hand Me Down the Tackle D reel
  02:15 The Boys of the Lough D reel
5 00:00 Pretty Maggie Morrisey G hornpipe
  01:21 Dunphy’s G hornpipe
  02:39 Sally Gardens G reel
  03:48 King of the Clans G reel
6 00:00 All My Friends Bm reel
  01:08 Joey Beaton [2] Bm reel
  01:58 Golden Locks Bm reel
7 00:00 The Pattern Day A jig
  01:01 Panel Mine A jig
  02:01 The Wedding [1] A jig
  03:31 Teviot Bridge A jig
  04:31 Stool of Repentance A jig
8 00:00 Tom Dey A strathspey
  01:29 (strathspey) A strathspey
  02:21 Sandy Cameron (Strathspey) A strathspey
  03:10 The Marchioness of Tullybardine A march
9 00:00 Coilsfield House G air
  02:16 Mary Gray G strathspey
  03:06 Dave “Normaway” MacDonald’s Wedding G reel
  04:15 Arthur Muise [3] Gm reel
10 00:00 The Waulkin’ o’ the Fauld Am strathspey
  01:39 Devil in the Kitchen A strathspey
  02:24 The Gray Old Lady of Raasay A reel
  03:18 Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart A reel
  03:53 Sandy Cameron (Reel) A reel
  05:02 Put Me in the Big Chest A reel
11 00:00 Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis Am march
  02:05 I Won’t Do the Work Am jig
12 00:00 Forneth House D air
  02:07 Over the Moor, Among the Heather D air
  04:22 Sir Archibald Dunbar D strathspey
  05:09 Kiss the Lass You Love Best D strathspey
  05:54 The Uist Lasses’ Darling D reel
  06:30 Sir David Davidson of Cantray D reel
  07:05 Celtic Ceilidh D reel
13 00:00 Kathleen MacMaster F jig
  01:01 Drury Lane F jig
  02:04 Miss Carmichael F jig
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