Old Time Scottish Fiddle Music from Cape Breton Island
Joe MacLean
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 Nancy [1] D march
2 00:00 Inverness (Strathspey) A strathspey
  01:32 Mrs. Margaret MacDonald’s Delight A reel
  02:26 Atholian Hills A reel
  03:18 Miss Proud A reel
3 00:00 Mabou C jig
  01:30 Orange and Blue C jig
  02:57 Annie Golletti C jig
4 00:00 The Duke of Gordon’s Birthday G strathspey
  01:01 Green Grow the Rushes G reel
  01:55 King of the Clans G reel
5 00:00 Memories of Joe MacInnis D march
  01:57 Mrs. Robertson of Alexandria D strathspey
  03:26 Miss Mary Anne Robertson D reel
  04:18 Stephanie Marie MacLean D reel
  06:00 Roaring Mary [1] D reel
6 00:00 Captain Campbell of Melford A jig
  01:28 Mrs. MacDonald A jig
  02:55 (jig) A jig
7 00:00 The Bonnie Lass of Headlake D air
  02:43 Miss Stewart Menzies D strathspey
  03:46 (A Dancing Strathspey) D strathspey
  04:31 Miss Gordon (Reel) D reel
  05:23 The Burn of Carnie D reel
  05:58 Dolmar D reel
8 00:00 Mr. Abel Banks C strathspey
  01:31 The Tweeddale Club C strathspey
  02:44 Lady Gordon of Gordonstown C reel
  03:37 Miss Jean Aberdeen C reel
  04:28 Mrs. Campbell of Lochnell C reel
9 00:00 Fiddler’s Joy D jig
  01:31 Charlie Hunter D jig
  03:00 Joe’s Favorite (Jig) D jig
10 00:00 The Headlands A march
  02:12 The Miller of Camserney A strathspey
  03:13 Kilravock (A setting) A strathspey
  03:54 “Visits with Joe MacLean” A reel
  05:05 The Old Bog Hole A reel
11 00:00 Lady Viscountess Duncan D march
  01:48 Mr. MacAndrew D strathspey
  02:55 Jenny Nettle’s Fancy D reel
  03:30 Jenny Pippin D reel
  04:22 The Trussell D reel
  04:56 Wedderburn House D reel
  05:29 Lady Muir MacKenzie D reel
  06:02 The Uist Lasses’ Darling D reel
  06:36 Sir David Davidson of Cantray D reel
  07:08 You’re Welcome, Charlie Stewart D reel
  07:41 MacKenzie Fraser D reel
  08:31 Donald MacGugan’s Rant D reel
  09:04 Steer the Gill D reel
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