Gaelic in the Bow
Alex Francis MacKay
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 Jeannie Carruthers A march
  03:22 Lady Madelina Sinclair A strathspey
  04:18 Mr. Compton of Carham Hall A reel
2 00:00 Miss Mariane Oliphant (Rossie) G strathspey
  02:13 Lady Charlotte Campbell (G Strathspey) G strathspey
  03:06 Munlochy Bridge G strathspey
  03:54 Lady Rothes G reel
3 00:00 Glengrant A strathspey
  01:35 Mr. Eagers A strathspey
  02:35 Thrum’s Cairn A reel
  03:13 The Yetts of Muckart A reel
4 00:00 Memories of Joe MacInnis D march
  01:48 Marquess of Lorn D strathspey
  03:33 Miss Agnes Ross D strathspey
  04:22 The Lasses of Stewarton D reel
  05:01 Geordie McLeish D reel
5 00:00 Watson’s Class E strathspey
  02:44 (strathspey) Em strathspey
  03:35 Struan Robertson’s Rant Em strathspey
  05:08 Keep It Up Em reel
6 00:00 The Prince of Wales [3] A jig
  01:10 Rosin the Bow A jig
  02:15 Graham’s Highland Fling A jig
7 00:00 Professor Blackie D air
  04:21 Milton Duff D strathspey
  05:16 Clach na Cudain D strathspey
  06:10 Geordie McLeish D reel
  06:49 The Pitnacree Ferryman D reel
8 00:00 Sandlaw’s Welcome A air
  02:00 Bogniebrae A strathspey
  03:13 Hoch Hey Johnny Lad A strathspey
  04:04 The Bog of Gight A strathspey
  05:07 The Lea Rig (Reel) A reel
  05:46 Bonnie Nellie A reel
  06:23 Pretty Marion (Reel setting) A reel
9 00:00 Maids of Arrochar D air
  02:57 Lady Muir MacKenzie’s Favorite D air
10 00:00 Doctor MacLeod of Alnwick A march
  03:38 Lord Blantyre A strathspey
  04:31 The Reel of Cluny A reel
  05:09 Gooden Well A reel
11 00:00 Miss Forbes of Pitsligo F strathspey
  01:32 Miss Grace Menzies F strathspey
  02:50 Mrs. Charles Stewart of Pettyvaich F reel
  03:29 The Whigs of Fife F reel
  04:06 Miss Susan Gordon F reel
12 00:00 Mrs. James Christie BF air
  02:04 Mrs. Henry Lumsden of Tillwhilly BF strathspey
  03:01 Lady Elizabeth Lindsay BF strathspey
  03:55 Miss Watt BF reel
  04:33 Miss Menzies of Menzies BF reel
13 00:00 Concert (March) A march
  01:58 Niel Gow A strathspey
  02:54 Largo Law (Strathspey) A strathspey
  03:43 Mr. Compton of Carham Hall A reel
  04:22 Raigmore House A reel
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