Chrissy Crowley
Chrissy Crowley
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 To Daunton Me Em march
  01:22 Mains of Gartly Em reel
  01:57 Drowsy Maggie [1] Em reel
  02:32 Master McDermott D reel
2 00:00 The Braes of Mar D strathspey
  00:59 The Fir Tree D strathspey
  01:59 Jenny Nettle’s Fancy D reel
  02:36 (A Northside Reel) D reel
  03:47 Upside Down in Eden Court D reel
3 00:00 Lisa’s A jig
  01:02 I Won’t Do the Work Am jig
  02:03 Blue Bonnets over the Border A jig
4 00:00 Big Brook D reel
  01:08 Toss The Feathers [2] D reel
  02:15 Crossing the Minch D march
5 00:00 Archie Neil Chisholm [1] Am march
  01:45 Roderick MacDonald (Strathspey) A strathspey
  02:49 Hoch Hey Johnny Lad A strathspey
  03:36 The Gladstone A reel
  04:12 The Grey Bob A reel
  04:48 Over the Isles to America A reel
  05:32 Timour the Tartar A reel
6 00:00 The Humors of Glendart D jig
  01:02 The Lilting Banshee Am jig
  02:03 The Black Rogue D jig
  03:04 The Silver Spear D reel
  04:14 The Kylebrack Rambler D reel
7 00:00 Cawdor Fair Am strathspey
  00:50 Pretty Marion (Strathspey setting) A strathspey
  01:33 Pibroch of Donald Dhu A march
  02:18 Elizabeth’s Big Coat A reel
  02:52 Michael Rankin A reel
  03:44 My Gentle Milkmaid Bm reel
8 00:00 Erchless Castle A march
  01:36 MacKinnon’s Brook (Strathspey) Am strathspey
  02:22 Hughie Rory MacKinnon A strathspey
  03:05 Sandy Cameron (Reel) A reel
  03:40 The Bird’s Nest Am reel
  04:13 The Gray Old Lady of Raasay A reel
9 00:00 The Boys of Ballysadare [2] G slide
  01:45 Tea Gardens G jig
  02:47 Belfast Linen A jig
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