Cape Breton Live Radio, Take 01
Various Artists
Track Start Tune Type Note
1 00:00 Sandy MacIntyre (March) A march  
  01:26 Maggie Cameron A strathspey  
  02:12 Beaton’s Delight Am reel  
  02:55 Lucy Campbell (Strathspey) A strathspey  
  03:37 The Judique Consolidated High School 1991 Grads A reel  
  04:46 Angus the Winemaker Am reel  
  05:55 Ann MacQuarrie A reel  
  07:03 Over the Isles to America A reel  
  07:37 The Sandwich Maker A reel  
  08:44 The Smirnoff Gigolo Bm reel  
  09:51 The Stone Frigate D reel  
2 00:00 The Dougal Creature D jig  
  01:03 The Humors of Glendart D jig  
  02:02 Juanita MacIntyre D jig  
  03:02 Trip to Toronto D jig  
3 00:00 The Balkan Hills march  
  01:46 The Haughs of Cromdale (Setting 1) strathspey  
  01:50 Lady Carmichael of Castlecraig strathspey  
  03:32 Elizabeth’s Big Coat reel  
  04:08 Pretty Marion (Reel setting) reel  
  04:45 “MacKinnon’s Other Rant” reel  
4 00:00 Silverwells F air  
  02:14 Lord Moira F strathspey  
  03:12 Miss Ann Amelia Murray F strathspey  
  04:02 Lennox’s Love to Blantyre F strathspey  
  04:48 Archie Menzies F reel  
  05:58 Reichswall Forest F reel  
  06:32 Easter Elchies F reel  
  07:07 Mr. Bernard F reel  
5 00:00 Lament for the Death of Reverend Archie Beaton G air  
  03:22 Lord Seaforth G strathspey  
  04:19 Munlochy Bridge G strathspey  
  05:06 Lord Seaforth G reel  
  05:43 The Traveler [1] G reel  
  06:53 The Devil and the Dirk D reel  
  08:00 The Devil and the Dirk E reel  
6 00:00 Bog an Lochan Em strathspey  
  00:41 Flora MacDonald Em reel  
  01:50 Malcolm Finlay E reel  
7 00:00 The New Fiddle E jig  
  01:04 Sandy M’Gaff Em jig  
  02:05 Ingonish Em jig  
  03:07 Harborview Em jig  
  04:09 Andy Dejarlis E jig  
8 00:00 Lamentation for James Moray of Abercarney G air  
  01:34 The Braes of Tullimet Gm strathspey  
  02:19 Tullochgorum G strathspey  
  05:03 Lord MacDonald G reel  
  05:53 Ostinelli A reel  
  06:57 The Mason’s Apron A reel  
9 00:00 King George V’s Welcome to the Battlefield D march  
  01:27 Alice Robertson D reel  
  02:04 One Horse D reel  
10 00:00 The Ballad of Glencoe G waltz  
  02:14 Anna Mae’s G reel  
  03:26 Lord MacDonald G reel  
11 00:00 The Clumsy Lover A reel  
  01:47 Old King’s Reel Am reel  
  02:20 King’s Reel Am reel  
  02:54 The Judique Consolidated High School 1991 Grads A reel  
  04:01 Put Me in the Big Chest A reel  
12 00:00 Tommy MacDonald of Barguillean march  
  01:50 Lady Madelina Sinclair strathspey  
  02:58 The Glen Tilt Lodge strathspey  
  03:22 (A Mary MacDonald Strathspey) strathspey  
  04:07 The Simpleton reel  
  04:44 Joan Beaton reel  
  05:20 John Morrison, Assynt House reel  
  06:40 The Stone Frigate reel  
13 00:00 Chorus (Jig) D jig 1
  01:05 The Sailor’s Wife Dm jig  
  01:38 The New Fiddle E jig  
1. This track is mouth music.
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