The Cape Breton Fiddle
Various Artists
Track Start Tune Type Note
1 00:00 (Cape Breton fiddle techniques)    
2 00:00 Lady Ann Hope G strathspey  
  01:10 Allowa Kirk G strathspey  
  01:59 Sir Harry’s Welcome Home G strathspey  
  02:45 Tullochgorum G strathspey  
  04:49 Lord MacDonald G reel  
  05:58 Miss Johnston (G Reel) G reel  
3 00:00 Moonlight G clog  
  01:28 The Cuckoo (Hornpipe) G hornpipe  
  02:45 The Galway G hornpipe  
  04:38 The Sligo Fancy G clog  
  05:16 The Galway G hornpipe 1
  05:25 The Stage G hornpipe  
4 00:00 Bovaglie’s Plaid A air  
  02:09 Red Shoes A reel  
  03:20 Snow Plow A reel  
  04:28 The St. Kilda Wedding A reel  
  05:01 Trip to Windsor A reel  
5 00:00 The Maid of Islay A strathspey  
  01:07 Lucy Campbell (Strathspey) A strathspey  
  02:29 Elizabeth’s Big Coat A reel  
  03:22 John of Badenyon Am reel  
  03:57 “MacKinnon’s Other Rant” Am reel  
  04:23 Hamish the Carpenter Am reel  
6 00:00 Second Regiment Scottish Horse Bm march  
  01:43 The Sportsman’s Haunt Bm strathspey  
  02:39 Lame Malcolm Am strathspey  
  03:26 Kay Girroir Bm reel  
  04:40 Black Mill Am reel  
7 00:00 Dusky Meadow A strathspey  
  01:06 Devil in the Kitchen A strathspey  
  01:48 Margaree (Reel) A reel  
  02:24 Tramper Down A reel  
  02:58 The Flail A reel  
  03:33 Put Me in the Big Chest A reel  
  03:52 Sean Maguire [1] A reel  
8 00:00 Celtic Ceilidh D reel  
  01:07 Miss MacKenzie of Ness House D reel  
  01:40 Levantine’s Barrel D hornpipe  
  02:47 Hughie and Allan D reel  
  03:53 Master McDermott D reel  
  04:26 Derrick Beaton D reel  
9 00:00 Betty Matheson D jig  
  00:46 Cherish the Ladies D jig  
  02:15 Father Jack Walsh D jig  
10 00:00 Heavy is My Fate G air  
The CD accompanies a book by Glenn Graham and is not separately available.
1. One A part is played.
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