Ryan J. MacNeil
Track Start Tune Type Note
1 00:00 Rector at the Feis reel  
  01:20 The Humors of Ballyloughlin jig  
2 00:00 The Black Rock song  
3 00:00 Tarbolton Lodge Em reel  
  01:07 The Humors of Scariff Em reel  
4 00:00 Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be? A jig  
  01:15 Lady Nelly Wemyss A jig  
  02:20 The Realignment of Wheels A jig  
5 00:00 The Marchioness of Huntly [1] A strathspey  
  00:41 Captain Campbell (Strathspey) Am strathspey  
  01:47 Hamish the Carpenter Am reel  
  02:27 The St. Kilda Wedding A reel  
  03:04 Down the Broom (Irish setting) Am reel  
6 00:00 Ferintosh D strathspey  
  01:24 Sandy Cameron (Strathspey) A strathspey  
  02:42 Black Horse Am reel  
  03:55 Over the Isles to America A reel 1
  04:39 Miss Betty Ann Gordon A reel  
7 00:00 The Big Wish D reel  
  01:32 Ramnee Ceilidh D reel  
  03:17 Little Donald in the Pigpen A reel  
8 00:00 James O’Grady G jig  
  01:28 Harborview Em jig  
  02:29 My Friend Buddy F jig  
9 00:00 South Wind D waltz  
  01:20 We’re a Case the Bunch of Us A slip jig  
10 00:00 Jenny Belle Lane Am air  
1. This tune starts as Over the Isles to America but transitions into Lasses of Stewarton.
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