Steppin’ It Up
Marc Boudreau
Track Start Tune Type Note
1 00:00 Dan Rory MacDougall (March) Am march  
  01:52 Sandy Cameron (Reel) A reel  
  02:47 The Ball and Pin A hornpipe  
  03:58 Dillon Brown’s Fancy A reel  
  05:08 Dinkie Dorrian A reel  
2 00:00 Space Available G march  
  01:48 Allowa Kirk G strathspey  
  02:44 Princess Royal G reel  
  04:14 The Dismissal G reel  
  05:24 Sally Gardens G reel  
3 00:00 The Golden Keyboard (Jig) Em jig  
  01:04 Andy Dejarlis E jig  
  02:07 Owny’s Best E jig  
  03:10 Malcolm’s New Fiddle E jig  
4 00:00 Welcome to Your Feet Again C strathspey  
  00:52 Culloden Well C strathspey  
  01:42 Auld Stewarts of Forthergill C reel  
  02:19 Lady Gordon of Gordonstown C reel  
  03:04 Lady Montgomery [1] C reel  
5 00:00 Miss Lyall (Strathspey) Am strathspey  
  00:51 Lame Malcolm Am strathspey  
  01:39 The St. Kilda Wedding A reel  
  02:16 Rod Alexander Am reel  
  03:26 The Weasel A reel  
6 00:00 The Sailor’s Wife Dm jig  
  01:06 The Mucking of Geordie’s Byre D jig  
  02:10 Miss Campbell [1] D jig  
  03:15 Chorus (Jig) D jig  
7 00:00 Welcome Whiskey Back Again BF strathspey  
  00:59 Memories of Dan Beaton BF reel  
  01:37 Captain Keeler Gm reel  
  02:12 Pigeon on the Gate (G setting) Gm reel  
8 00:00 The Boy’s Lament for His Dragon D march  
  01:47 Back of the Change House D strathspey  
  02:38 The Boys of the Lough D reel  
  03:52 The Maid Behind the Bar [1] D reel  
  05:02 You’re Welcome, Charlie Stewart D reel  
9 00:00 Scotty Fitzgerald [1] A jig  
  01:04 Haste to the Wedding (A setting) A jig  
  02:08 Hills of Glenorchy Am jig  
  03:11 Beauties of the Ballroom Am jig  
10 00:00 Devil in the Kitchen A strathspey  
  00:50 King George IV Am strathspey  
  01:37 King’s Reel Am reel  
  02:14 Hamish the Carpenter Am reel  
  03:08 Castle (Hornpipe) A hornpipe  
  04:19 Stephanie Wills Am reel  
11 00:00 Killiecrankie C march  
12 00:00 The Rakes of Kildare Am jig 1
1. Marc tries out J. P.’s guitar.
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