The Cape Breton Fiddle of Dan Joe MacInnis
Dan Joe MacInnis
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 The Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside A march
  02:29 Miss Rose of Tarlogie A reel
2 00:00 Devil in the Kitchen A strathspey
  01:29 The Gray Old Lady of Raasay A reel
  02:22 Margaree (Reel) A reel
3 00:00 Miss Isaac Forsyth of Elgin F jig
  01:31 Miss Catherine Stewart of Pettyvaich F jig
4 00:00 Forneth House D air
  02:10 The Strong Man of Drum D strathspey
  02:57 Duncan on the Plainstones D reel
5 00:00 Mrs. Wright of Laton Em strathspey
  01:11 Mrs. Melville, Dysart Em reel
  02:04 Miss Johnston of Hilton (Reel) Em reel
6 00:00 Sodger Laddie G jig
  01:32 Whiskey G jig
7 00:00 Captain Campbell (Strathspey) Am strathspey
  00:50 Cullen House (Strathspey) Am strathspey
  01:38 The Oyster Wives’ Rant Am reel
  02:13 Margaree (Reel) A reel
8 00:00 Marnoch’s Am strathspey
  01:05 Tom Rae Am reel
  01:41 Black Mill Am reel
9 00:00 Miss Christina Stewart D jig
  01:30 Lady Charlotte Murray (Jig) D jig
10 00:00 Fisher’s Rant G strathspey
  00:57 The Duke of Gordon’s Birthday G strathspey
  01:41 Peggy Menzies G reel
  02:33 The Periwig G reel
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