A major, reel
composed by Zeke Backus
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Ashley MacIsaacFiddle Music 101 4 01:17 (not listed) A reel
Various ArtistsMabou Coal Mines 1 02:44 Miller’s A reel
Cynthia MacLeodHead Over Heels 5 03:24 Miller’s Reel A reel
Kendra MacGillivrayLove o’ the Isles 1 01:43 Dusty Miller A reel
Donald Angus BeatonLive at the House 3 01:11 Miller’s A reel
Alexander MacLeanLake Bras d’Or 11 04:25 (unnamed) A reel
The Chaisson FamilyGenerations 13 00:43 Miller’s Reel A reel
This tune starts something like this:
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