Rights of Man
E minor, hornpipe
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Winston FitzgeraldA Selection of new Jigs, Reels, Strathspeys, Hornpipes and Waltzes 10 02:29 Rights of Man Reel Em hornpipe
Winston FitzgeraldClassic Cuts 21 02:30 Rights of Man Reel Em reel
Kendra MacGillivrayClear the Track 3 02:07 The Rights of Man Em hornpipe
Lee CremoThe Flying Fiddle of Lee Cremo 9 00:00 Lee’s Tune Em reel
Stan MacKinnonClose to the Ocean 9 02:20 The Rights of Man Em hornpipe
Rachel DavisRachel Davis 4 00:00 The Rights of Man Em hornpipe
This tune starts something like this:
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