Miss Jane Campbell
aka Miss Burnet, Miss Jane Stewart, Pittyvaich, Johnny Pringle
G major, strathspey
composed by William Marshall
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Bill LameyClassic Recordings of Scottish Fiddling 2 01:48 Johnie Pringle G strathspey
Donald MacLellanThe Dusky Meadow 14 00:00 Johnny Pringle G strathspey
Mairi RankinFirst Hand 3 03:43 Miss Jane Campbell G strathspey
Joe Peter MacLeanBack of Boisdale 17 01:51 Johnny Pringle G strathspey
Richard WoodInfectious 5 01:27 Johnny Pringle Strathspey G strathspey
Morgan MacQuarrieOver the Cabot Trail 7 04:48 Johnny Pringle G strathspey
Mike HallA Legacy not to be Forgotten 11 00:42 Johnny Pringle G strathspey
Natalie MacMasterCape Breton Girl 3 00:45 Johnny Pringle G strathspey
This tune starts something like this:
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