Sir Wilfred Laurier
G major, jig
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Jennifer RolandWings 9 00:00 Sir Wilfred Laurier G jig
Natalie MacMasterNo Boundaries 10 01:30 Sir Wilfred Laurier’s G jig
Buddy MacMasterCape Breton Tradition 13 00:00 Sir Wilfred Laurier’s Jig G jig
Howie MacDonaldA Few Tunes 1 01:09 The Stubberts of Point Aconi Jig G jig
J. J. ChaissonClass Act 2 00:00 Sir Wilfred Lauries G jig
Allie MombourquetteAllie Mombourquette 9 01:58 Sir Wilfred Laurier’s G jig
Douglas CameronDouglas Cameron 5 01:36 Sir Wilfred Laurier’s G jig
Kenny ChaissonDance to Your Tune 1 00:00 Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s G jig
This tune starts something like this:
8 6
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