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Donald Cameron (G major, reel)
Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis (A dorian, 6/8 march)
8 6
Don’t Be Teasing (D major, jig)
8 6
Kitty of Oulart (D major, jig)
aka The Donnybrook Boy
8 6
The Black Rogue (D major, jig)
8 6
Joys of My Life (G major, jig)
aka Humors of Donnybrook, Donnybrook Fair
8 6
Pibroch of Donald Dhu (A major, 6/8 march)
aka Black Donald the Piper
8 6
Little Donald’s Wife (A dorian, reel)
aka An Gabh Thu Bean, A Dho’ill Bhig?
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