The Rover’s Return
Various Artists
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 George I. Taylor G strathspey
  00:54 The Braes of Tullimet Gm strathspey
  01:45 The Marquis of Huntly (Strathspey) Gm strathspey
  02:36 Lord Kelly Gm strathspey
  03:25 Sir Archibald Grant of Mony Musk G strathspey
  04:11 Pigeon on the Gate (G setting) Gm reel
  05:25 You and I G reel
  06:37 Paddy on the Turnpike [1] Gm reel
  07:32 The Brown Haired Girl G reel
2 00:00 Dòmhnull Cléireach D strathspey
  01:54 Homeward Bound D reel
  03:14 Cheap Meal D reel
3 00:00 Bill Lamey A jig
  01:07 Angus Joseph MacDonald A jig
  02:12 Over the Cabot Trail A jig
  03:18 Leona Beaton Am jig
  04:24 MacDonald of the Isles A jig
  05:29 The Pet of the Pipers A jig
4 00:00 Lament for Sir Harry Niven Lumsden, Baronet of Achindoir BF air
  02:03 Miss Wharton Duff BF hornpipe
  03:39 Isle of Skye BF reel
  04:18 Lady Georgina Russell BF reel
5 00:00 Over the Moor, Among the Heather D air
  03:48 Lady Mary Ramsay D strathspey
  05:27 Celtic Ceilidh D reel
  06:06 Homeward Bound D reel
  06:42 Francis Beaton D reel
  07:18 Jenny Dang the Weaver D reel
6 00:00 Coilsfield House G air
  01:03 Kilravock (G setting) G strathspey
  01:52 The Duke of Gordon’s Birthday G strathspey
  02:36 Sir Archibald Grant of Mony Musk G strathspey
  03:20 The Bear in the Buckwheat G reel
7 00:00 Lamb Holm D march
  01:52 The Blackthorn D strathspey
  02:46 The Disturber D reel
  04:01 Leaving for Ireland D reel
8 00:00 Miss Minnie Foster F clog
  01:20 Fred Wilson F hornpipe
  02:30 Archie Menzies F reel
  03:43 Mr. Bernard F reel
  04:20 Mrs. Charles Stewart of Pettyvaich F reel
  04:56 The Fisher’s Wedding F reel
  05:33 The Perth Assembly F reel
9 00:00 My Compliments to James D. Gillis A march
10 00:00 Cameron Chisholm’s Birthday D strathspey
11 00:00 Scotsville A reel
  00:57 Margaree (Reel) A reel
  01:35 Put Me in the Big Chest A reel
12 00:00 Annie Golletti G jig
  01:06 The Leg of a Duck G jig
  02:11 Cittern Jig G jig
  03:14 Going to Donnybrook G jig
13 00:00 The Taking of Beaumont Hamel A march
  03:52 Lucy Campbell (Strathspey) A strathspey
  05:34 Yester House Am strathspey
  06:24 Miss Lyall (Strathspey) Am strathspey
  07:11 Miss Lyall (Reel) Am reel
  07:49 Old King’s Reel Am reel
  09:01 Black Mill Am reel
  09:37 Beaton’s Delight Am reel
  10:12 The Drummer Am reel
  10:48 “MacKinnon’s Other Rant” Am reel
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