The Drummer
A dorian, reel
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Johnny WilmotCape Breton Fiddling 7 04:09 (A Cape Breton Reel) Am reel
Joe CormierThe Cheticamp Connection 10 04:00 (unnamed) Am reel
Various ArtistsThe Rover’s Return 13 10:12 The Drummer Am reel
Dougie MacDonaldA Miner 1 02:38 The Drummer Am reel
Barbara MacDonald MagoneThe Fiddler’s Friend 5 03:58 The Drummer Am reel
Mairi RankinFirst Hand 4 04:51 The Drummer Am reel
Kinnon BeatonCape Breton Fiddle 1 7 03:43 The Drummer Reel Am reel
Ian MacDougallFrom Foot Cape 3 03:10 (not listed) Am reel
Kinnon BeatonCape Breton Fiddle Compilation 7 03:42 The Drummer Am reel
Donald Angus BeatonLive at the House 4 05:28 The Drummer Am reel
Various ArtistsCape Breton Live Radio, Take 02 14 00:00 The Drummer Am reel
Karen BeatonOnce Upon a Time 16 04:59 The Drummer Reel Am reel
This tune starts something like this:
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