Mabou Coal Mines Music 1966
Donald Angus Beaton
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 Miss Lyall (Strathspey) Am strathspey
  01:07 Beaton’s Delight Am reel
  02:00 Miss Lyall (Reel) Am reel
  02:41 Beaton’s Delight Am reel
  03:07 Hamish the Carpenter Am reel
  03:42 The Smith’s Burn A reel
  03:59 Elizabeth’s Big Coat A reel
  05:08 The Drummer Am reel
  05:33 “MacKinnon’s Other Rant” Am reel
2 00:00 Killiecrankie C march
3 00:00 Goldenrod D jig
  00:47 (jig) D jig
  02:05 Paddy O’Rafferty [1] D jig
4 00:00 Campbell’s Favorite G march
  02:01 Miss Stewart G strathspey
  02:55 Sir Archibald Grant of Mony Musk G strathspey
  03:24 The Duke of Gordon’s Birthday G strathspey
  04:04 London Lasses [1] G reel
  05:12 West Mabou [1] G reel
  05:58 Lord Seaforth G reel
  06:23 Lord MacDonald G reel
  06:40 The Night We Had the Goats G reel
5 00:00 Mary (Beaton) Graham F reel
  01:19 Viscount Reidhaven F reel
6 00:00 Leaving Lochalsh A march
  01:33 Glengarry’s A march
  02:19 The MacKenzie Highlanders A march
  03:03 Because He Was a Bonnie Lad A strathspey
  04:06 Lame Malcolm Am strathspey
  04:26 Yester House Am strathspey
  05:27 King George IV Am strathspey
  06:06 Beaton’s Delight Am reel
  06:56 King George V Am strathspey
  07:26 Scotsville A reel
  08:36 Over the Isles to America A reel
  09:09 Beaton’s Delight Am reel
  09:35 Beaufort Castle A reel
7 00:00 The Tutor D jig
  01:19 Bressay Sound D jig
  01:49 The Happy Jig D jig
  02:20 The Chestnut Tree D jig
  03:14 Murphy’s Weather Eye D jig
8 00:00 The Forest of Gaick Dm strathspey
  01:01 Mr. Menzies of Culdares D reel
  01:38 Lady Muir MacKenzie D reel
9 00:00 A Trip to Mabou Ridge A march
  01:35 Lucy Campbell (Strathspey) A strathspey
  03:00 Hoch Hey Johnny Lad A strathspey
  04:03 Put Me in the Big Chest A reel
  04:56 The Lea Rig (Reel) A reel
  05:31 John of Badenyon Am reel
  06:31 “MacKinnon’s Other Rant” Am reel
  06:56 Hamish the Carpenter Am reel
  07:13 The St. Kilda Wedding A reel
  07:31 Colonel McBain’s Fancy A reel
  08:47 Carl Beaton [1] A reel
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