West Mabou [1]
G major, reel
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Morgan MacQuarrieKenloch Ceilidh 11 05:36 (not listed) G reel
Joe CormierInformal Sessions 16 04:29 Put Me in the Big Chest G reel
Ashley MacIsaacFine thank you very much 7 09:40 West Mabou G reel
Carl MacKenzieHighland Fiddle and Dance 15 03:25 West Mabou G reel
John L. MacDonaldFormerly of Foot Cape Road 7 04:20 West Mabou G reel
Buddy MacMasterGlencoe Hall 9 04:40 West Mabou G reel
Buddy MacMasterCape Breton Tradition 15 03:37 West Mabou G reel
Donny LeBlancRosining Up the Bow 7 01:44 West Mabou G reel
Sandy MacIntyreSteeped in Tradition 8 04:04 West Mabou G reel
Mike MacDougallTape for Father Hector 3 04:31 West Mabou Reel G reel
Various ArtistsCape Breton Scottish Fiddle 5 05:50 West Mabou Reel G reel
Wendy MacIsaacThat’s what you get 7 01:23 West Mabou Reel G reel
The Five MacDonald FiddlersScottish Reels, Jigs, and Strathspeys 7 01:11 West Mabou Reel G reel
Various ArtistsA Fiddler’s Heaven 11 01:03 West Mabou Reel G reel
Donald Angus BeatonA Musical Legacy 11 03:14 West Mabou Reel G reel
The Beatons of MabouCape Breton Fiddle and Piano Music 16 01:28 West Mabou Reel G reel
John CampbellCape Breton Violin Music 12 02:30 West Mabou Reel G reel
Various ArtistsCeltic Music of Cape Breton 12 04:13 West Mabou G reel
Troy MacGillivrayEleven 4 01:27 West Mabou G reel
Various ArtistsFestival of Scottish Fiddling 1973 4 01:20 West Mabou Reel G reel
Lee CremoLee Cremo and the Eastern Variation 7 00:00 West Mabou Reel G reel
Ashley MacIsaacLive at the Savoy 6 04:54 (not listed) G reel
Cape Breton Fiddlers Association25th Anniversary 5 01:29 (not listed) G reel
J. J. ChaissonIn the “Genes” 5 03:07 (not listed) G reel
Melody and Derrick CameronSincerely 12 03:19 (not listed) G reel
Marc BoudreauLive at the Doryman Pub 7 02:00 West Mabou Reel G reel
Douglas CameronDouglas Cameron 8 06:43 West Mabou Reel G reel
Sheila MacKenzieSheila MacKenzie 5 05:10 West Mabou Reel G reel
Donald Angus BeatonMabou Coal Mines Music 1966 4 05:12 West Mabou G reel
The Beatons of MabouAbounding in Tradition 5 02:23 West Mabou G reel
Elmer DeagleElmer Deagle 10 06:57 West Mabou Reel G reel
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