Steeped in Tradition
Sandy MacIntyre
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 Anthony Murray A strathspey
  00:44 Kilravock (A setting) A strathspey
  01:25 Greig’s Pipes A reel
  02:01 Miss Smyth of Methven A reel
  02:35 Appin House (Reel) A reel
  03:09 Mrs. McLeod of Raasay A reel
2 00:00 Lament for the Death of Reverend Archie Beaton G air
3 00:00 Goldenrod D jig
  01:02 Bank of Turf D jig
  02:02 (unknown jig) D jig
  03:03 Meenacross D jig
4 00:00 Wild Rose of the Mountain G waltz
  01:59 Gentle Maiden D waltz
  02:44 Wild Rose of the Mountain G waltz
5 00:00 The Honorable Miss Elspeth Campbell A march
  01:38 Maggie Cameron A strathspey
  03:14 Hogtie’s Am reel
  04:25 The Gray Old Lady of Raasay A reel
6 00:00 The Bee’s Wing BF clog
  01:40 The Wonder BF hornpipe
7 00:00 The Bonnie Lass o’ Bon Accord A march
  03:36 Miss Lyall (Strathspey) Am strathspey
  04:24 King George IV Am strathspey
  05:09 Old King’s Reel Am reel
  05:45 King’s Reel Am reel
8 00:00 Tullochgorum G strathspey
  03:12 Paresis Gm reel
  04:04 West Mabou [1] G reel
  04:37 The Bear in the Buckwheat G reel
9 00:00 John Roy Lyall EF air
10 00:00 The 91st at Modder River Bm march
  01:41 Black Mill Bm reel
  02:17 My Gentle Milkmaid Bm reel
  02:43 Upside Down in Eden Court D reel
11 00:00 Grand Narrows Bridge BF jig
  01:02 Gordon Graham’s Favorite BF jig
  02:04 Queensville BF jig
12 00:00 Sitting in the Stern of a Boat G air
  02:06 The Foggy Dew G air
13 00:00 The Bonfire Em strathspey
  01:14 The House of Hamill Em reel
  02:09 Mrs. Bremner, The Manse, Glenbucket Em reel
  02:44 The Grants E hornpipe
14 00:00 Muldron Glen march
  01:48 Pibroch of Donald Dhu march
  03:27 Farewell to the Tay march
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