Anthony Murray
aka Hills of Cape Mabou
A major, strathspey
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Buddy MacMasterJudique on the Floor 10 02:33 (unnamed) A strathspey
The MacLellan TrioThe MacLellan Trio (LP) 4 00:49 (not listed) A strathspey
Carl MacKenzie“... And His Sound is Cape Breton” 9 02:05 (unnamed) A strathspey
Joan MacDonald BoesI Mourn for the Highlands 8 01:05 (unnamed) A strathspey
Various ArtistsA Fiddler’s Heaven 3 03:15 Anthony Murray A strathspey
Various ArtistsMabou Coal Mines 7 01:17 Anthony Murray A strathspey
Joe ConfiantOff to George’s River 3 01:26 Anthony Murray A strathspey
Buddy MacMasterCape Breton Tradition 12 00:50 Anthony Murray A strathspey
Sandy MacIntyreSteeped in Tradition 1 00:00 Anthony Murray A strathspey
Various ArtistsThe Heart of Cape Breton 4 04:58 Anthony Murray’s A strathspey
Jerry HollandCrystal Clear 6 01:31 Anthony Murray’s A strathspey
The MacLellan TrioThe MacLellan Trio 15 00:49 Anthony Murray’s A strathspey
Morgan MacQuarrieLoch Ban 6 00:49 Anthony Murray’s A strathspey
Dan Hughie MacEachernThe Land of My Love 9 04:33 Anthony Murray’s A strathspey
Jennifer RolandDedication 9 00:45 Anthony Murray’s A strathspey
John L. MacDonaldFormerly of Foot Cape Road 11 01:33 Hills of Cape Mabou A strathspey
Doug MacPheeCape Breton Piano 10 00:49 Hills of Cape Mabou A strathspey
Ray EllisMore Like Me! 5 03:27 Hills of Mabou Strathspey A strathspey
Ian MacDougallFrom Foot Cape 9 03:02 Lord Murray A strathspey
Various ArtistsCape Breton Scottish Fiddle 3 03:23 Port ’ic Artair (MacArthur’s Tune) A strathspey
Joe Peter MacLeanBack of Boisdale 11 00:48 Anthony Murray A strathspey
Joe MacLeanAnd His Old Time Scottish Fiddle 11 01:01 (not listed) A strathspey
Leanne AucoinAll Set 6 00:56 Anthony Murray A strathspey
John A. MacDonaldTribute to the Detroit Scot 6 01:07 Flora Ann Campbell A strathspey
Joe DoucetteFiddlin’ Around Down North 7 01:56 Hills of Cape Mabou A strathspey
Dwayne CôtéIntroduction 10 01:13 CNUIC Rud ha Mhabou A strathspey
Brenda StubbertEndless Memories 9 01:19 Anthony Murray Strathspey A strathspey
Michael Anthony MacLeanGood Boy M. A.! 11 01:38 Anthony Murray A strathspey
Michael Anthony MacLeanGood Boy M. A.! 25 01:13 Anthony Murray A strathspey
Ashley MacIsaacBeautiful Lake Ainslie 9 01:39 Anthony Murray A strathspey
Wendy MacIsaacOff the Floor 1 02:27 Anthony Murray A strathspey
Douglas CameronDouglas Cameron 6 00:46 Anthony Murray’s A strathspey
Alexis MacIsaacInspired 9 00:45 Arthur Murray’s A strathspey
This tune starts something like this:
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