Judique on the Floor
Buddy MacMaster
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 Goldenrod D jig
  01:00 The New Stove D jig
  02:02 Irene’s [1] D jig
2 00:00 Da Slockit Light D air
  01:37 Glen Caladh Castle D march
  03:12 The Lasses of Stewarton D reel
3 00:00 Memories of Paddy LeBlanc A march
  01:42 Lord Alexander Gordon A strathspey
  02:44 The Marquis of Huntly (Reel) A reel
  03:57 Haud ’er Gaun A reel
4 00:00 The Grand Mira G jig
  01:07 Strathlorne Valley G jig
  02:10 Spin-N-Glo G jig
5 00:00 King George IV Am strathspey
  00:45 King George V Am strathspey
  01:28 Old King’s Reel Am reel
  02:04 King’s Reel Am reel
  02:39 Colonel Thornton Am reel
6 00:00 Oban and Lorne Society A march
  01:33 Devil in the Kitchen A strathspey
  02:18 Lame Malcolm Am strathspey
  02:59 MacKinnon’s Rant Am reel
  03:35 Hamish the Carpenter Am reel
7 00:00 Don’t Be Teasing D jig
  01:01 Richard Brennan’s Favorite D jig
  02:03 Bonnie Lea D jig
8 00:00 Pipe Major Jim Christie of Wick Am march
  01:29 Miss Catrina Gillies A strathspey
  02:23 Coire an Lochan Am reel
  03:36 Andy Renwick’s Ferret Am reel
9 00:00 Jackson’s Trip to Augrim D jig
  01:32 Tripping Up Stairs D jig
  02:34 Tar Road to Sligo D jig
  03:36 Swingin’ on Home D jig
10 00:00 R. P. Cummings Welcome A march
  01:45 Christie Campbell A strathspey
  02:33 Anthony Murray A strathspey
  03:16 The Straw Man A reel
  03:53 Arrochar Bridge A reel
  04:29 The MacKentosh of MacKentosh A reel
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