Colonel Thornton
A dorian, reel
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Buddy MacMasterJudique on the Floor 5 02:39 (unnamed) Am reel
Natalie MacMasterRoad to the Isle 4 05:22 (unnamed) Am reel
Winnie ChafeCape Breton Scottish Memories 7 02:08 (unnamed) Am reel
Joe CormierScottish Violin Music from Cape Breton Island 6 01:22 (not listed) Am reel
Natalie MacMasterLive 6 04:54 Colonel Thornton Am reel
Various ArtistsThe Heart of Cape Breton 11 05:03 Colonel Thornton Am reel
Howie MacDonaldThe Ceilidh Trail 18 02:45 The Old King’s Am reel
Ashley MacIsaacFine thank you very much 8 02:37 Traditional Reel Am reel
J. J. ChaissonClass Act 1 01:30 (unnamed) Am reel
Donald Angus BeatonLive at the House 1 02:58 Colonel Thornton Am reel
Various ArtistsMacKinnon’s Brook 3 01:38 Col. Thornton Am reel
Natalie MacMasterIn My Hands 2 05:12 Colonel Thorton Am reel
Wendy MacIsaacOff the Floor 8 06:11 Buddy’s Reel Am reel
Robbie and Isaac FraserEverything Old is New Again 8 10:46 Colonel Thornton Am reel
Buddy MacMasterRooted in Tradition 4 04:34 (unnamed) Am reel
Kenny ChaissonThe Chaisson Brothers of PEI 10 03:04 Lassies of Glenodale Am reel
Natalie MacMasterLive in Cape Breton 1 01:34 Colonel Thornton Am reel
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