Road to the Isle
Natalie MacMaster
Track Start Tune Type Note
1 00:00 The Newcastle BF hornpipe  
  00:42 The Second Star BF hornpipe  
  02:05 Mrs. Forbes of Leith BF reel  
  02:41 Mary Claire BF hornpipe  
  03:49 Jabe Meadow BF reel  
2 00:00 Mahone Bay G jig  
  01:01 Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be? G jig  
  02:18 Miss Jane Douglas G jig  
  03:19 Fraser’s (Gm Jig) Gm jig  
3 00:00 The Earl of Dalhousie’s Happy Return to Scotland D march  
  02:07 Back of the Change House D strathspey  
  02:55 Hand Me Down the Tackle D reel  
  04:04 Mountain Road D reel  
4 00:00 Bovaglie’s Plaid A air  
  02:17 James Scott Skinner A strathspey  
  03:17 Neil R. MacDonald A strathspey  
  04:04 Beaton’s Delight Am strathspey  
  04:47 Tom Rae Am reel  
  05:22 Colonel Thornton Am reel  
  05:47 Sean Maguire [1] A reel  
  06:55 John McNeil A reel  
5 00:00 Road to the Isles D march  
  01:37 Scourdiness D reel  
  02:48 Homeward Bound D reel  
6 00:00 Sir Archibald Grant of Mony Musk G strathspey  
  00:42 King of the Clans G reel  
  01:50 Johnnie’s Made a Waddin o’t G reel  
  02:23 Lord Seaforth G reel  
7 00:00 Jimmy’s A jig  
  00:59 Hughie MacPhee D jig  
  01:57 Connaughtman’s Rambles D jig  
8 00:00 To Daunton Me Em march  
  01:32 Compliments to Cameron Chisholm Em strathspey  
  02:23 The Haughs of Cromdale (Setting 1) Em strathspey  
  03:07 Johnny Wilmot’s Fiddle Em reel  
  04:17 Glenora (Reel) Em reel  
  04:51 The Fermoy Lasses Em reel  
9 00:00 The Glen of Thickets F air  
10 00:00 Kathleen MacMaster F jig  
  01:01 The Munster Lass F jig  
  02:02 Mike and Marlene (Jig) F jig  
  03:02 Winston at the Glenville Hall F jig  
11 00:00 Carolan’s Draught G air  
  03:21 Killavil Fancy G reel  
  04:01 Greenfields of Antrim G reel  
  05:06 Dinkie Dorrian D reel 1
1. Played first in D, then in A.
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