Compliments to Cameron Chisholm
E dorian, strathspey
composed by Maybelle Chisholm McQueen
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Natalie MacMasterRoad to the Isle 8 01:32 Cameron Chisholm’s Em strathspey
Glenn GrahamLet ’er Rip 4 00:00 Cameron Chisholm’s Em strathspey
Maybelle Chisholm McQueenPure Celtic Hearts 11 04:11 Cameron Chisholm’s Strathspey Em strathspey
Howie MacDonaldA Few Tunes 2 01:51 Cameron Chisholm’s Strathspey Em strathspey
Brenda StubbertSome Tasty Tunes 1 00:00 Compliments to Cameron Chisholm Em strathspey
Richard WoodFire Dance 10 00:00 Cameron Chisholm’s Em strathspey
Chrissy CrowleyThe Departure 10 01:00 Compliments to Cameron Chisholm Em strathspey
Melody and Derrick CameronSincerely 11 02:12 Compliments to Cameron Chisholm Em strathspey
Allie MombourquetteAllie Mombourquette 11 02:43 Cameron Chisholm’s Em strathspey
This tune starts something like this:
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