Pure Celtic Hearts
Maybelle Chisholm McQueen
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 The Fallen Chief A air
2 00:00 Tribute to My Father Willie D. Chisholm A air
  02:56 The Pap of Glencoe A march
  04:58 Scotsville A reel
  05:37 Thomas’ Son Wears a Dirk A reel
3 00:00 Moe’s Kitchen Am jig
  00:56 Mike’s Tune Am jig
  01:51 Frieze Britches D jig
  02:48 Morrison’s Em jig
4 00:00 The Argyllshire Gathering A march
  01:32 Lady Madelina Sinclair A strathspey
  03:04 Maggie Cameron A strathspey
  04:31 Donnacha’s Favorite Am reel
  05:43 Colonel McBain’s Fancy A reel
  06:48 Eight Men of Moidart A reel
5 00:00 Memories of Archie Neil (Air) A air
  01:49 James Scott Skinner’s Welcome to Inverness A march
  04:43 The Smith’s Burn A reel
  05:24 Malcolm (Mac) McQueen A reel
6 00:00 Miss Primrose A strathspey
  01:12 Fred Wilson A hornpipe
  02:48 Miss E. MacLeod A reel
7 00:00 Orange and Blue D jig
  01:19 The Battle of The Somme D march
  02:54 John D. Burgess D march
8 00:00 McPhedran’s D strathspey
  01:05 The Braes of Mar D strathspey
  03:08 Miss Johnston of Hilton (Strathspey) Dm strathspey
  04:08 Wedderburn House D reel
9 00:00 Scots Wha Hae D air
  03:13 Cameron Chisholm [1] D march
  04:41 Cameron’s Got His Wife Again D strathspey
  05:27 Donald MacGugan’s Rant D reel
  06:03 Da Grocer D reel
  07:13 The Uist Lasses’ Darling D reel
10 00:00 Hugh A. MacDonald A jig
  01:06 Larry O’Gaff A jig
  02:21 River Bend A jig
11 00:00 Andrew’s [1] Em march
  02:56 The Warlock Em strathspey
  04:11 Compliments to Cameron Chisholm Em strathspey
  05:07 Glenora (Reel) Em reel
  05:44 Prince Charlie Em reel
  06:21 Charlie Hardie (Reel) E reel
12 00:00 Allowa Kirk G strathspey
  01:02 The Marquis of Huntly (Strathspey) Gm strathspey
  01:51 Allowa Kirk G strathspey
  02:36 Paresis Gm reel
  03:29 The Night We Had the Goats G reel
  04:04 Paddy on the Turnpike [1] Gm reel
  04:56 Mrs. McLeod of Raasay G reel
13 00:00 Memories of Paddy LeBlanc A march
  02:10 Hoch Hey Johnny Lad A strathspey
  03:09 Pacific Slope A reel
  04:27 Brenda’s Delight A reel
  05:05 Magical Fingers of Maybelle Chisholm McQueen A reel
  05:43 The Ale is Dear [2] Bm reel
  06:21 Sleepy Maggie Bm reel
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