Eight Men of Moidart
aka Lady Seaforth
A mixolydian, reel
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Carl MacKenzieTradition 7 06:06 Eight Men of Moidart A reel
Maybelle Chisholm McQueenPure Celtic Hearts 4 06:48 Lady Seaforth A reel
John CampbellTimeless 3 05:22 The Eight Men of Moidart A reel
Mac MorinMac Morin 16 02:00 The Eight Men of Moidart reel
Barry ShearsA Cape Breton Piper 5 01:44 The Eight Men of Moidart reel
Dan R. MacDonaldFiddling to Fortune 10 01:12 The Eight Men of Moirhart Reel A reel
Dave MacIsaacNimble Fingers 19 03:32 The Eight Men of Mordart A reel
Howie MacDonaldAuld School 12 01:35 (unnamed) A reel
Kyle MacDonaldKyle MacDonald 13 01:36 O’Brien’s Reel A reel
This tune is similar to Thomas’ Son Wears a Dirk.
This tune starts something like this:
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