Mac Morin
Mac Morin
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 The Deil’s Lochy Am march
  01:37 Lucy Campbell (Strathspey) A strathspey
  02:27 The Craig of Barnes Am strathspey
  03:11 (unknown reel) A reel
  03:48 Cabar Fèidh (Pipe Setting) A reel
  05:01 Lord MacDonald A reel
2 00:00 Scotty Fitzgerald [2] G jig
  01:03 (unknown jig) G jig
  02:04 Come Under My Plaidie G jig
3 00:00 J. O. Forbes of Corse E air
4 00:00 The New Brig of Methlick (Strathspey) F strathspey
  01:15 Tower o’ Scolty F hornpipe
  02:32 Miss Grant of Grant F reel
5 00:00 Kantara to El Arish A march
  01:50 John Angus Beaton A strathspey
  02:48 “Traditional Laddie” A reel
  03:30 (unknown reel) A reel
6 00:00 The Caledonian Hunt’s Delight D air
  01:56 Miss Warrender of Lochend D strathspey
  02:46 Ben Lomond D strathspey
  03:31 The Auld Wheel D reel
  04:08 Rannie MacLellan [3] D reel
  04:43 Father Angus Morris [2] D reel
7 00:00 Kid on the Mountain Em slip jig
  02:05 Mrs. James MacNeil G jig
8 00:00 The Duchess of Hamilton G strathspey
  01:03 Sir Archibald Grant of Mony Musk G strathspey
  01:51 The Night We Had the Goats G reel
  02:10 (unknown reel) G reel
  02:29 Norman’s (Reel) G reel
9 00:00 The Seven Sisters Am jig
  00:58 The Heart of Me Kitty Am jig
  01:59 The Black Ewe’s Cascade Am jig
10 00:00 Mallard BF clog
  00:56 Canty Jeanie Munroe BF strathspey
  02:01 Gillis Cove BF reel
11 00:00 A ’Chruinneag ’Ileach D song
  03:07 Jenny Bowser D reel
12 00:00 Hughie’s Old Place Em march
  01:09 Bog an Lochan Em strathspey
  01:56 Glenora (Reel) Em reel
  02:33 Mac Morin (Reel) E reel
  03:09 Wake up to Cape Breton E reel
13 00:00 When You Go to the Hill A reel
  01:02 Reel for Carl F#m reel
  02:11 The High Road to Fort Augustus Bm reel
14 00:00 Winston at the Glenville Hall F jig
  00:34 The Belfast Boat G jig
  01:37 Carrickfergus C jig
  02:41 Winston at the Glenville Hall F jig
15 00:00 The Shakins o’ the Pocky BF strathspey
16 00:00 Angus MacKinnon of Eigg march
  02:00 Eight Men of Moidart reel
  03:23 Morin You Expected reel
  03:59 Black Mill reel
17 00:00 Killiecrankie C march
  02:48 Noel Hill’s Fancy C reel
  07:03 Hamish the Carpenter reel
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