Some Tasty Tunes
Brenda Stubbert
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 Compliments to Cameron Chisholm Em strathspey
  00:44 Wake up to Cape Breton E reel
  01:55 Glenora (Reel) Em reel
2 00:00 The Pattern Day A jig
  01:00 Panel Mine A jig
  02:01 Sweet Willie Am jig
3 00:00 Memories of Father John Angus Rankin A air
  03:51 Cawdor Fair Am strathspey
  04:40 (A Mary MacDonald Strathspey) Am strathspey
  05:24 Johnny Tompkin Am reel
  06:35 The Green Fields of White Point A reel
  07:43 Willie D.’s Favorite A reel
4 00:00 The Boy’s Lament for His Dragon D march
  01:45 Angus Allan and Dan J D strathspey
  02:30 The Sow’s Tail D strathspey
  03:12 Garmont Smiddy D reel
  04:24 Simon’s Great Smile D reel
  05:33 (A Northside Reel) D reel
5 00:00 Danny Doucet A jig
  01:03 Stan Chapman [1] A jig
  02:04 Alex Hugh MacDonald Am jig
6 00:00 The Longest Night A air
7 00:00 Thanks to Mike and Trish G jig
  01:03 My Mind Will Never be Easy C jig
  02:06 “Northside Kitchen” G jig
8 00:00 Memories of Tic Butler G air
  03:33 Janine Randall (March) Gm march
  05:12 Tiffy and Pluto Gm strathspey
  05:56 Sally Gardens G reel
  07:08 The Night We Had the Goats G reel
9 00:00 The Mucking of Geordie’s Byre (Cape Breton setting) D jig
  01:01 The Diamond D jig
10 00:00 The Mortgage Burn A reel
  01:10 Morgan MacQuarrie [1] A reel
  01:44 The Grey Bob A reel
11 00:00 Annie Mae Chisholm A march
  01:41 Compliments to Maybelle A march
  03:14 Kay Handrahan’s Pipe March Am march
  04:48 Janie and Duncan’s 50th Am strathspey
  05:32 Memories of Hughena Ratchford A reel
  06:09 The Complimentary Breakfast Am reel
12 00:00 Celtic Colors #1 Dm reel
  01:17 Celtic Colors #2 Bm reel
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