The Sow’s Tail
aka Glenora Falls, The Sow’s Tail to Geordie
D major, strathspey
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Carl MacKenzieWelcome To Your Feet Again 7 01:56 (unnamed) D strathspey
Theresa MacLellanA Trip to Mabou Ridge 11 00:50 (unnamed) D strathspey
George MacInnisGift of Music 9 00:41 Glenoral Falls Strathspey D strathspey
Wendy MacIsaacTimeline 13 02:41 Sow’s Tail D strathspey
Doug MacPheeCape Breton Piano 4 04:45 The Glenora Falls Strathspey D strathspey
Brenda StubbertSome Tasty Tunes 4 02:30 The Sow’s Tail D strathspey
Various ArtistsCape Breton Scottish Fiddle 1 00:00 The Sow’s Tail D strathspey
Harvey Tolman1000 Miles from Cape Breton 13 00:00 The Sow’s Tail D strathspey
Ray EllisMore Like Me! 8 03:28 The Sow’s Tail Strathspey D strathspey
Troy MacGillivrayEleven 1 01:59 Sow’s Tail D strathspey
Carl MacKenzieHighland Classic 5 01:47 The Sow’s Tail D strathspey
Kinnon BeatonKinnon and Andrea Beaton 1 00:00 The Sow’s Tail D strathspey
NereaFootprints 1 00:46 (not listed) D strathspey
Buddy MacMasterRooted in Tradition 9 03:31 The Sow’s Tail D strathspey
This tune starts something like this:
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