Welcome To Your Feet Again
Carl MacKenzie
Track Start Tune Type Note
1 00:00 Kennedy Street A march  
  02:50 Doug MacPhee’s Favorite (Strathspey) A strathspey  
  03:32 “Editor’s Favorite” A strathspey  
  04:12 Joe’s A reel  
  04:46 Miss Wedderburn A reel  
2 00:00 Tom Dey A strathspey  
  01:10 Roderick MacDonald (Strathspey) A strathspey  
  02:01 The Earl of Crawford A reel  
  02:36 The Devil’s Delight A reel  
3 00:00 Long Point D jig 1
  01:00 Jerry’s Beaver Hat D jig  
  01:59 Campbell’s Road D jig  
4 00:00 The Bee’s Wing BF clog  
  01:21 Spellan’s Inspiration BF hornpipe  
  03:16 Mary Claire BF hornpipe  
5 00:00 Birnam Wood D strathspey  
  01:48 Jessie Smith D strathspey  
  02:40 Dan R.’s Favorite D strathspey  
  03:22 Lady Mary Stopford D reel  
  04:05 The Uist Lasses’ Darling D reel  
6 00:00 Portland Fancy A jig  
  01:31 Rose Wood A jig  
  02:30 River Bend A jig  
7 00:00 Miss Maxwell D strathspey  
  01:56 The Sow’s Tail D strathspey  
  02:41 Back of the Change House D strathspey  
  03:23 Dolmar D reel 2
8 00:00 Robert Cormack, Aberdeen F air  
  02:27 Happy Go Lucky F hornpipe  
  03:53 Vendome F clog  
  04:36 The House of Park F reel 3
9 00:00 Owny’s Best E jig  
  00:58 Wilfred’s Fiddle Em jig  
  01:57 Penny Hill Em jig  
10 00:00 The Royal Aberdeenshire Highlanders C march 4
  01:37 Welcome to Your Feet Again C strathspey  
  02:22 Colonel McKay C reel  
  02:58 Colin MacIntosh C reel  
Several errors in the track listing on the orignal album cover were corrected in later releases by a sticker applied to the album cover. The corrected track listing is used here.
1. This track was not listed on the original album cover.
2. This tune was not listed on the original album cover.
3. This tune was not listed on the original album cover.
4. This tune was misnamed on the original album cover.
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