Dan R.’s Favorite
D major, strathspey
composed by Donald Angus Beaton
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Joe CormierThe Dances Down Home 5 00:00 Dan R.’s Favorite D strathspey
Kimberley FraserHeart Behind the Bow 9 01:51 Dan R.’s Favorite D strathspey
Buddy MacMasterThe Judique Flyer 1 00:00 Dan R.’s Favourite D strathspey
Carl MacKenzieWelcome To Your Feet Again 5 02:40 Dan R.’s Favourite Strathspey D strathspey
Dougie MacDonaldStaying in Tune 2 01:37 Dan R’s Favorite D strathspey
Carl MacKenzieCape Breton Fiddle Medleys 9 01:54 Dan R’s Favourite D strathspey
Joe CormierChéticamp 9 01:47 Dan’s Favorite Strathspey D strathspey
Troy MacGillivrayTune Poets 8 00:00 Dan R.’s Favourite Strathspey D strathspey
The Chaisson FamilyGenerations 7 00:00 Dan R’s Favorite Strathspey D strathspey
Buddy MacMasterRooted in Tradition 7 02:29 Dan R. MacDonald’s Favorite D strathspey
This tune starts something like this:
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