(A Dan J. Campbell Strathspey)
D major, strathspey
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Jennifer RolandWings 3 00:45 (A Dan J. Campbell Strathspey) D strathspey
Doug MacPheeThe Reel of Tulloch 2 00:47 (A Dan J. Campbell Strathspey) D strathspey
John CampbellHeritage Remembered 5 02:31 (unnamed) D strathspey
Rodney MacDonaldDancer’s Delight 10 00:42 (unnamed) D strathspey
Willie KennedyCape Breton Violin 4 01:53 (Traditional from Dan J. Campbell) D strathspey
Ashley MacIsaacClose to the Floor 3 03:42 (unnamed) D strathspey
Howie MacDonaldLive and Lively 10 02:47 (not listed) D strathspey
Robert DeveauxPure Celtic Hearts, vol. 2 5 02:28 (unnamed) D strathspey
Chrissy CrowleyThe Departure 4 01:09 (unnamed) D strathspey
Donny LeBlancLa reel des Cap-Rougiens 8 00:41 (unnamed) D strathspey
Anita MacDonaldStepping Stone 9 01:26 (unnamed) D strathspey
Gillian HeadSpirit 7 00:00 (unnamed) D strathspey
This tune starts something like this:
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