Miss Wedderburn
aka The Kilt is My Delight
A major, reel
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
The MacLellan TrioThe MacLellan Trio (LP) 8 02:12 (not listed) A reel
Jackie DunnDunn to a T 2 04:42 Miss Wedderburn A reel
Various ArtistsMabou Coal Mines 5 05:26 Miss Wedderburn A reel
Dan Hughie MacEachernThe Land of My Love 11 05:41 Miss Wedderburn A reel
The MacLellan TrioThe MacLellan Trio 18 02:14 Miss Wedderburn A reel
Various ArtistsGlendale ’79 Live 4 01:06 Miss Wedderburn A reel
Alexander MacLeanPiano Stylings of the Cape Breton Scot 12 01:06 Miss Wedderburn A reel
Jennifer RolandDedication 9 02:03 Miss Wedderburn A reel
Carl MacKenzieWelcome To Your Feet Again 1 04:46 Miss Wedderburn’s A reel
Jerry HollandJerry Holland 2 01:51 Miss Wedderburn’s A reel
Howie MacDonaldLive! West Mabou Hall 3 04:08 Miss Wedderburn’s A reel
Joe Peter MacLeanBack of Boisdale 11 02:51 Miss Wedderburn A reel
J. J. ChaissonIn the “Genes” 4 00:00 Miss Wederburn A reel
Cynthia MacLeodHead Over Heels 6 02:57 Miss Wedderburn’s A reel
Donald Angus BeatonLive at the House 6 05:30 Miss Wedderburn A reel
Ashley MacIsaacA New Family Tradition 4 03:03 The Burn of Carnie A reel
Lloyd MacDonaldTraditional Music from Cape Breton 9 03:33 Miss Wedderburn A reel
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