Everything Old is New Again
Robbie and Isaac Fraser
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 The Golden Anniversary A strathspey
  00:46 Joan Beaton A reel
  02:00 Tramper Down A reel
  02:37 The Flail A reel
2 00:00 Memories of William George Sebastian Georgallas D march
  01:56 Lady Carmichael of Castlecraig D strathspey
  02:46 The Marquis of Huntly’s Highland Fling D strathspey
  03:32 Sam and Flora Mae Batherson D hornpipe
  04:47 The Uist Lasses’ Darling D reel
  05:23 (reel) D reel
  06:00 The New Brig of Dee [1] D reel
3 00:00 Port Caledonia D jig
  01:07 The Chestnut Tree D jig
  02:10 Connaughtman’s Rambles D jig
  03:12 Bill Collins D jig
4 00:00 Miss Laura Andrew E march
  02:21 Brig of Potarch Em strathspey
  03:26 The Haughs of Cromdale (Setting 1) Em strathspey
  04:14 Peter Bailey Em strathspey
  05:00 Tarbolton Lodge Em reel
  06:13 The Fermoy Lasses Em reel
  07:24 Miss Scott of Usan G reel
5 00:00 Lady Caroline Montague C strathspey
  01:07 Lady Lucy Ramsay C strathspey
  01:57 Fife Hunt C reel
  02:35 Miss Marie MacEachern C reel
  03:12 Lady Muir MacKenzie C reel
6 00:00 Hughie MacPhee D jig
  01:04 Montana D jig
  02:07 The Irish Lasses D jig
  03:10 Father Jack Walsh D jig
7 00:00 Lord Lovat’s Welcome G strathspey
  00:52 Mr. Ferguson of Raith G strathspey
  01:37 Campbell’s Hill G reel
  02:51 She Put Her Knee on the Old Man G reel
  03:26 Coquette G hornpipe
  04:38 The Brown Haired Girl G reel
8 00:00 The Cuckoo (Air) A air
  04:11 Tom Dey A strathspey
  05:19 Miss Dale A strathspey
  06:12 Maggie Cameron A strathspey
  06:58 Devil in the Kitchen A strathspey
  07:42 Margaree (Reel) A reel
  08:19 Elizabeth’s Big Coat A reel
  08:56 The Bridge of Bamore A reel
  09:33 Old King’s Reel Am reel
  10:10 King’s Reel Am reel
  10:46 Colonel Thornton Am reel
9 00:00 Fit for Life F jig
  01:39 The Cage F jig
  02:44 Kathleen MacMaster F jig
10 00:00 The Miller of Hirn D strathspey
  01:04 Jamie Hardie D reel
  01:42 Mike to the Rescue D reel
  02:55 Máire O’Keeffe D reel
11 00:00 Hey, Johnny Cope Am march
  04:36 Duke of Athole Am strathspey
  05:25 The Highlanders’ Farewell to Ireland Am strathspey
  06:55 Creignish Hills Am reel
  07:33 Joe’s Favorite (Reel) Am reel
  08:10 Miss Proud A reel
  08:46 The Drummer Am reel
  09:23 Little Donald’s Wife Am reel
  09:58 The Sound of Mull [1] A reel
  10:38 “MacKinnon’s Other Rant” Am reel
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