Hey, Johnny Cope
G dorian, 2/4 march
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Joe CormierScottish Violin Music from Cape Breton Island 3 00:00 Johnnie Cope Gm march
Natalie MacMasterMy Roots Are Showing 1 00:00 Johnny Cope Gm march
Stephanie WillsTradition Continued 5 00:00 Johnny Cope Am march
Various ArtistsFiddlers of Cape Breton Island 7 00:00 Johnny Cope Gm march
Barbara MacDonald MagoneThe Fiddler’s Friend 4 00:00 Johnny Cope Am march
Harvey Tolman1000 Miles from Cape Breton 1 00:00 Johnny Cope Bm march
Wendy MacIsaacTimeline 10 00:00 The Battle of Prestonpans - 1745 Am march
Ian MacDougallBefore You Arrived 1 00:00 Johnny Cope Am march
Jennifer RolandFor Each New Day 9 00:00 Johnny Cope Gm march
Robert DeveauxPure Celtic Hearts, vol. 2 6 00:00 Johnny Cope Gm march
Joe DoucetteFiddlin’ Around Down North 8 00:00 Johnny Cope Bm march
Robbie and Isaac FraserEverything Old is New Again 11 00:00 Johnny Cope Am march
Buddy MacMasterRooted in Tradition 8 00:00 Johnnie Cope Am march
Kyle MacDonaldKyle MacDonald 3 00:00 Johnny Cope Gm march
This tune starts something like this:
4 2
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