Before You Arrived
Ian MacDougall
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 Hey, Johnny Cope Am march
  04:44 Duke of Athole Am strathspey
  05:30 John Campbell (Strathspey) A strathspey
  06:12 Sandy is My Darling Am reel
  06:47 Coire an Lochan Am reel
2 00:00 The Man in the Moon D jig
  01:04 Chorus (Jig) D jig
  02:05 Dirty Old Hat D jig
3 00:00 Fisher’s Rant G strathspey
  01:14 Lady Ann Hope G strathspey
  02:14 The Lassie With The Yellow Coatie G reel
  02:50 Miss Dundas Gm reel
  03:26 Miss Louisa Duff Gm reel
  04:03 Green Grow the Rushes G reel
4 00:00 Dark Island D air
5 00:00 The Black Sporran A march
  01:01 Cronin’s Favorite Am jig
  02:02 Mrs. MacArty, Have You a Daughter? A jig
  02:48 (jig) A jig
6 00:00 Lady Ann Hope’s Favorite G polka
  01:11 Sandy Point G reel
  02:20 The Burning of the Bridge G reel
  02:55 The Black Shepherdess A reel
7 00:00 Killiecrankie C march
  02:11 North of the Grampians C strathspey
  03:14 New York (Jig) C jig
  04:15 The Braes of Elchies C jig
8 00:00 Honorable John Leslie Melville D strathspey
  00:44 Mrs. Stewart of Garth Dm reel
  01:20 The Whigs of Fife F reel
  01:56 Smith’s Delight D reel
9 00:00 Over the Waves G waltz
10 00:00 Johnny Wilmot [1] G jig
  01:02 The Old Dutch Churn Gm jig
  02:03 Cape North Gm jig
  03:04 Farewell to Catawba G jig
11 00:00 Second Regiment Scottish Horse Bm march
  01:39 Evie’s Toe Tapper Bm reel
  02:16 Golden Locks Bm reel
  02:51 Arthur’s Seat Bm reel
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