Bill Collins
aka Dan Collins’ Father’s Jig
D major, jig
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Jackie DunnDunn to a T 4 02:03 Bill Collin’s D jig
Rodney MacDonaldDancer’s Delight 2 01:02 Dan Collins Favourite D jig
Jerry HollandThe Fiddlesticks Collection 5 01:04 Dan Collin’s Father’s Jig D jig
Jerry HollandLively Steps 5 01:04 Daniel Michael Collins’s Father’s Jig D jig
Andrea BeatonThe Tap Session 5 00:00 Dan Collins’ Father’s Jig D jig
J. J. ChaissonClass Act 6 02:01 Dan Collins Fathers Jig D jig
J. J. ChaissonIn the “Genes” 2 01:01 Dan Collins Father’s Jig D jig
Cynthia MacLeodHead Over Heels 3 00:00 Dan Collin’s Father’s Jig D jig
Ashley MacIsaacA New Family Tradition 8 01:02 (unnamed) D jig
Alycia PutnamWired for Sound 7 03:05 Dan Collin’s Father’s Jig D jig
Robbie and Isaac FraserEverything Old is New Again 3 03:12 Dan Collins’ Father’s D jig
Cape Breton Fiddlers AssociationLive at the Louisbourg Playhouse 3 05:29 Dan Collins’ Father’s D jig
This tune starts something like this:
8 6
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