All Set
Leanne Aucoin
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 Hand Me Down the Tackle D reel
  01:09 Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire D reel
  02:16 Sally Gardens G reel
2 00:00 Wha, Can Help It A jig
  01:02 There Came a Young Man Am jig
  02:05 Aggie and Neil MacLennan Am jig
  03:08 “The Way to Judique” A jig
3 00:00 The Skye Gathering D march
  01:42 Sir Archibald Dunbar D strathspey
  02:35 Father John Angus Rankin (Strathspey) D strathspey
  03:22 A Taste of Gaelic D reel
  04:35 (A Northside Reel) D reel
  05:46 Jason and Katherine’s Wedding D reel
4 00:00 (mazurka) D mazurka
5 00:00 McDonaugh’s G clog
  01:31 Dan Sullivan’s Favorite G hornpipe
  02:53 Princess Royal G reel
  04:22 Douglas’ Favorite G hornpipe
6 00:00 Mrs. John Angus MacArthur A strathspey
  00:56 Anthony Murray A strathspey
  01:44 Christie Campbell A strathspey
  02:52 The Straw Man A reel
  03:29 Arrochar Bridge A reel
  04:04 The Weasel A reel
7 00:00 Old Resting Chair G air
  03:52 The Marquis of Huntly (Strathspey) Gm strathspey
  04:51 The Duke of Gordon’s Birthday G strathspey
  05:40 The Cuckoo’s Nest G hornpipe
  06:53 Arthur Muise’s Visit to Point Cross Gm reel
  07:46 Spootiskerry G reel
8 00:00 Welcome to Your Feet Again C strathspey
  00:48 The Tweeddale Club C strathspey
  01:34 Cabar Fèidh C reel
  02:46 The Bonnie Lass of Fisherrow C reel
  03:21 The Bird’s Nest Am reel
  03:56 Angus Chisholm’s Favorite C reel
9 00:00 The Little House Around the Corner D jig
  01:03 Swingin’ on Home D jig
  02:04 The Mucking of Geordie’s Byre (Cape Breton setting) D jig
10 00:00 The Banshee G reel
  01:08 Killavil Fancy G reel
  01:58 Dublin G reel
11 00:00 Second Regiment Scottish Horse Bm march
  01:35 Holland Wedding Bm reel
  02:14 A Tribute to Winston and Ann Fitzgerald Bm reel
  03:26 Jenny Dang the Weaver D reel
12 00:00 My Aunt Denise G waltz
13 00:00 Lieutenant Howard Douglas Dm strathspey
  01:11 Mrs. Stewart of Garth Dm reel
  01:49 Mary McMahon D reel
  03:05 The Old Copperplate Am reel
  04:15 Stephanie Wills Am reel
  04:50 Pigeon on the Gate (A setting) Am reel
  06:00 Dinkie Dorrian A reel
  07:09 Donnie and Margaret Farewell A reel
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