Formerly of Foot Cape Road
John L. MacDonald
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 The Marchioness of Huntly [1] A strathspey
  01:19 Miss Maule A strathspey
  02:06 Lame Malcolm Am strathspey
  02:50 Margaree (Reel) A reel
  03:27 Put Me in the Big Chest A reel
2 00:00 The Bonnie Lass of Headlake D air
  02:18 Sir Archibald Dunbar D strathspey
  03:06 Cameron’s Got His Wife Again D strathspey
  03:49 Homeward Bound D reel
  05:00 Rachel Rae D reel
3 00:00 The Dougal Creature D jig
  01:03 The Humors of Glendart D jig
  02:05 The Wandering Minstrel D jig
4 00:00 Willie Fraser [1] D strathspey
  00:44 Paulette Bissonette D strathspey
  01:47 A Taste of Gaelic D reel
  02:57 The Maid Behind the Bar [1] D reel
5 00:00 The Warlock Em strathspey
  00:51 Bog an Lochan Em strathspey
  02:22 The Nine Pint Coggie [1] Em reel
  03:15 Malcolm Finlay E reel
  03:50 Morrison’s Ridge (Reel) E reel
6 00:00 The Flowers of Spring (Hornpipe) D hornpipe
  01:30 Liverpool D hornpipe
  02:40 Durang’s D hornpipe
7 00:00 Lamentation for James Moray of Abercarney G air
  01:59 Lady Ann Hope G strathspey
  02:51 The Duke of Gordon’s Birthday G strathspey
  03:35 Lord MacDonald G reel
  04:20 West Mabou [1] G reel
8 00:00 Kennedy Street A march
  01:34 The Miller of Drone A strathspey
  02:27 Mr. Murray A strathspey
  03:17 Archie Brown A reel
  03:55 The Yetts of Muckart A reel
9 00:00 (Another Mary MacDonald Strathspey) Am strathspey
  00:59 Malcolm the Liar Am strathspey
  02:38 John of Badenyon Am reel
  03:24 Hamish the Carpenter Am reel
10 00:00 Mrs. Garden of Troup (Strathspey) F strathspey
  01:24 Mrs. Dingwall of Brockly F strathspey
  02:15 The Bonnie Lass of Ballantrae F reel
  02:51 Carnie’s Canter F reel
  03:43 Archie Menzies F reel
11 00:00 Christie Campbell A strathspey
  01:33 Anthony Murray A strathspey
  02:16 Greig’s Pipes [1] A reel
  02:25 The Straw Man A reel
  03:01 Greig’s Pipes [1] A reel
  03:10 The Straw Man A reel
  03:27 The Bridge of Bamore A reel
12 00:00 The Little House Around the Corner D jig
  01:00 New Waterford D jig
  02:00 The Knights of St. Patrick D jig
13 00:00 Father John Angus Rankin (March) A march
  00:22 Donald John the Tailor Am strathspey
  01:28 Lime Hill A strathspey
  03:07 The Old Wife Behind the Door Am strathspey
  03:51 Harry Bradshaw A reel
  05:00 The Weasel A reel
14 00:00 Over the Moor, Among the Heather D air
  02:03 Athole Brose D strathspey
  02:48 Lady Muir MacKenzie D reel
  03:23 The Randy Wife of Greenlaw D reel
  03:58 Smith’s Delight D reel
15 00:00 Memories of Paddy LeBlanc A march
  01:41 Miss Maule A strathspey
  02:31 The Glen Tilt Lodge A strathspey
  03:16 Lady Glenorchy A reel
  03:53 The St. Kilda Wedding A reel
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