Carnie’s Canter
F major, reel
composed by J. Scott Skinner
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Joe CormierChéticamp 3 04:25 Carney’s Canter Reel F reel
Elmer BriandThe Cape Breton Fiddle of Elmer Briand 11 03:46 Carnie Canter’s Reel F reel
Joe CormierThe Cheticamp Connection 2 03:19 Carnie’s Canter F reel
Natalie MacMasterFour on the Floor 5 03:28 Carnie’s Canter F reel
Kendra MacGillivrayClear the Track 7 01:02 Carnie’s Canter F reel
Jerry HollandJerry Holland 7 00:49 Carnie’s Canter F reel
Mike MacDougallTape for Father Hector 10 02:27 Carnie’s Canter F reel
Buddy MacMasterCape Breton Tradition 7 05:14 Carnie’s Canter F reel
John L. MacDonaldFormerly of Foot Cape Road 10 02:51 Carnie’s Canter F reel
John CampbellCape Breton on the Floor 4 01:28 Carnie’s Canter Reel F reel
Carl MacKenzieIt’s a Corker! 9 05:02 Carnie’s Cantor F reel
Various ArtistsFiddlers of Cape Breton Island 10 02:06 (not listed) F reel
Robbie FraserRight at Home 5 03:13 Carnie’s Canter Reel F reel
Colin GrantFun for the Whole Family 5 02:07 Carnie’s Canter F reel
Alexander MacLeanLake Bras d’Or 10 04:20 Carnie’s Canter F reel
Natalie MacMasterCape Breton Girl 1 01:55 Carnie’s Canter F reel
Douglas CameronDouglas Cameron 13 01:12 Carnies Canter F reel
This tune starts something like this:
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