It’s a Corker!
Carl MacKenzie
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 Highland (Jig) A jig
  01:30 Fairbairn’s A jig
  03:01 Hugh A. MacDonald A jig
2 00:00 The Firth House BF clog
  00:50 Mallard BF clog
  01:39 Tom Marsh BF hornpipe
  02:52 Eugene Stratton BF hornpipe
  03:28 Cease Your Funning BF reel
3 00:00 Marquess of Lorn D strathspey
  01:38 The Fir Tree D strathspey
  02:22 Athole Brose D strathspey
  03:04 Garmont Smiddy D reel
  03:41 Mrs. Norman MacKeigan D reel
  04:16 Mrs. Small D reel
  04:51 Miss MacKenzie of Ness House D reel
4 00:00 The Duke of Richmond BF air
5 00:00 The Duke of Roxburghe’s Farewell to the Blackmount Forest A march
  01:31 Christie Campbell A strathspey
  02:59 Robert Stubbert (A reel) A reel
  03:35 The Bridge of Bamore A reel
  04:11 The Straw Man (Carl MacKenzie setting) A reel
  04:46 Arrochar Bridge A reel
6 00:00 Gordon Quigley F jig
  01:01 Mrs. Gordon of Baird F jig
  02:02 The Harrow F jig
7 00:00 Lady Charlotte Campbell (B flat Strathspey) BF strathspey
  01:03 Urquhart Castle BF strathspey
  02:02 Miss Hutton Gm strathspey
  03:00 Captain Keeler Gm reel
  03:37 Scotty and Angus Gm reel
  04:14 Charlie Nicholson Gm reel
8 00:00 Trip to Nenagh D reel
  01:16 Castle Bay Scrap Dm reel
  02:25 Lucy Campbell (Reel) D reel
9 00:00 Mrs. MacDowall Grant F strathspey
  02:09 The Highlands of Banffshire F strathspey
  03:01 Miss Erskine of Torry F strathspey
  03:49 The New Brig of Methlick (Reel) F reel
  04:26 The Perth Assembly F reel
  05:02 Carnie’s Canter F reel
10 00:00 The Man in the Moon D jig
  01:00 The Knights of St. Patrick D jig
  02:02 Lord Dreghorn’s Quickstep D jig
11 00:00 Bothwell Castle BF strathspey
  02:18 Spellan’s Inspiration BF hornpipe
  03:24 Fin Fever BF reel
  04:03 William Glennie BF reel
12 00:00 Edwin E. Hill A reel
  00:37 The Tunnel A reel
  01:14 Major Joe MacLean A reel
  01:49 Ostinelli A reel
13 00:00 The Forest of Gaick Dm strathspey
  00:50 Mrs. Stewart of Garth Dm reel
  01:27 Wedderburn House D reel
  02:03 Mr. Menzies of Culdares D reel
  02:39 Miss Campbell of Park Place D reel
  03:14 Whycocomagh Bay (Carl MacKenzie setting) D reel
14 00:00 Ocean Waves [1] G jig
  01:02 “Little Jack” G jig
  02:03 The Heroes of Salamanca G jig
15 00:00 The Braes of Auchtertyre A strathspey
  01:59 The Bell Piano (Strathspey) A strathspey
  02:57 Neil R. MacDonald A strathspey
  03:47 Dusky Meadow A strathspey
  04:34 Tom Rae Am reel
  05:11 Mrs. Margaret MacDonald’s Delight A reel
  05:46 Atholian Hills A reel
  06:21 Miss Smyth of Methven A reel
16 00:00 The Ladies D hornpipe
  01:26 Tom Kettle D reel
  02:38 Fancy Hornpipe A hornpipe
17 00:00 Coilsfield House G air
  02:37 Tullochgorum G strathspey
  05:44 The Duke of Gordon’s Birthday G strathspey
  06:27 The Night We Had the Goats G reel
  07:04 Mr. John Campbell Gm reel
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