Urquhart Castle
BF major, strathspey
composed by Simon Fraser
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Howie MacDonaldWhy2Keilidh 6 01:03 (not listed) BF strathspey
Little Jack MacDonaldThe Bard of Scottish Fiddling 8 01:05 Urquart Castle BF strathspey
Carl MacKenzieIt’s a Corker! 7 01:03 Urquhart Castle BF strathspey
Harvey Tolman1000 Miles from Cape Breton 5 01:06 Urquhart Castle BF strathspey
Winston FitzgeraldThe Inimitable Winston “Scotty” Fitzgerald 6 01:00 Urquhart Castle BF strathspey
John CampbellCape Breton on the Floor 6 00:00 Urquhart Castle Strathspey BF strathspey
Mike HallA Legacy not to be Forgotten 7 01:12 Urquart Castle BF strathspey
Various ArtistsMusic from the Simon Fraser Collection 2 00:00 Urquhart Castle BF strathspey
This tune starts something like this:
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