A Step Back in Time
Doug Lamey
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis Am march
  01:14 Walking the Floor Am jig
  02:17 Donald MacLean A jig
2 00:00 The Omega BF strathspey
  00:58 Elmer Briand [3] BF reel
  01:35 The Bridge of Inver BF reel
3 00:00 MacKenzie Hay D strathspey
  01:03 The Kirrie Kebbuck D strathspey
  02:11 Spey in Spate D reel
4 00:00 O teannaibh dluth is togaibh fonn A song
5 00:00 Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part G jig
  01:05 Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be? G jig
  02:10 Tea Gardens G jig
6 00:20 Mrs. Garden of Troup (Strathspey) F strathspey
  01:23 Compliments to Buddy MacMaster [1] F reel
  02:40 Pottinger’s F reel
  03:55 Reichswall Forest F reel
7 00:00 James Cameron G march
  03:05 The Old Wife Around the Fire G strathspey
  04:05 Primrose Lasses G reel
  04:43 The Bear in the Buckwheat G reel
  05:21 Sheehan’s G reel
8 00:00 Muile Nam Mórbheann (Mull of the Big Bens) song
9 00:00 The Warlock Em strathspey
  01:21 Johnny Sullivan E reel
  01:58 Flora MacDonald Em reel
10 01:44 Gloomy Winter’s Now Awa’ Am air
  04:28 Rev. John Rankin of Glendale Am march
  06:16 Lucy Campbell (Strathspey) A strathspey
  07:05 Sheep Shanks A reel
  07:42 The Marchioness of Tullybardine A reel
11 00:00 New York (Jig) C jig
  01:06 Doug MacPhee’s Visit to Belle Côte C jig
12 00:00 Old Faithful D march
  01:49 Sir Archibald Dunbar D strathspey
  02:59 A Reel for Maurice Dm reel
  03:37 Glenlyon (D Reel) D reel
  04:13 Lively Steps D reel
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