Bressay Sound
D major, jig
composed by Jimmy Shand
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Donald Angus BeatonA Musical Legacy 8 00:51 Bressay Sound Jig D jig
George WilsonNorthern Melodies 11 02:04 Bressay Sound Jig D jig
Dan R. MacDonaldDan R. MacDonald (CX 42) 1 01:02 Bressay Sound Jig D jig
Morgan MacQuarrieLoch Ban 9 01:04 Bressy Sound D jig
Richard WoodThe Celtic Touch 1 04:01 (unnamed) D jig
Dawn and Margie BeatonTaste of Gaelic 2 02:03 Bressay Sound D jig
Wendy MacIsaacOff the Floor 7 02:01 Bressay Sound D jig
Donald Angus BeatonMabou Coal Mines Music 1966 7 01:19 Bressay Sound D jig
This tune starts something like this:
8 6 3
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