The Lake Sessions
Dara Smith-MacDonald
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 Union Street Session D reel
  01:14 A’ Chuachag D reel
  01:49 Trip to the Market D reel
2 00:00 Fingal’s Cave Am air
  02:08 Cawdor Fair Am strathspey
  03:08 Malcolm the Liar Am strathspey
  03:58 The Drummer Am reel
  04:35 Little Donald’s Wife Am reel
  05:12 The Last Mile Am reel
  06:23 John Smeaton A reel
  07:33 Wissahickon Drive A reel
  08:42 Radio Edit F#m reel
3 00:00 Deepdale Gm jig
  01:04 Miss Gordon of Park F jig
  02:08 Adam Young F jig
  03:12 Send Us Whiskey F jig
4 00:00 Second Regiment Scottish Horse Bm march
  01:56 Colin Rankin Bm strathspey
  02:44 The Smirnoff Gigolo Bm reel
  03:57 Keeping up with Calum Bm reel
  05:08 Dara’s Delight Bm reel
5 00:00 Maggie Brown’s Favorite G jig
  01:03 Miss Sophia Campbell G jig
  02:08 Fraser’s (Gm Jig) Gm jig
  03:10 The Flower in the Garden G jig
6 00:00 Lasting Impression EF air
7 00:00 Lady Shaftesbury EF strathspey
  01:04 Miss Augusta Charteirs Cm strathspey
  01:59 I’ll Kiss the Bonnie Lass, Oh! EF reel
  02:40 The Soft Horse C reel
  03:19 The Soft Horse D reel
  03:58 Ramnee Ceilidh D reel
8 00:00 Baddeck Shenanigans A jig
  01:05 Chasing KC at the Inn A jig
  02:08 The Irish in Cape Breton A jig
  03:11 Nightmare at the Inn A jig
9 00:00 Ben Williams of Tiree E march
  02:09 The Braes of Tullimet Em strathspey
  03:02 The Haughs of Cromdale (Setting 1) Em strathspey
  03:50 Canada 150 Em reel
  05:06 Far From Home G reel
  06:19 Chéticamp (Reel) G reel
10 00:00 Leaving Stoer A air
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