“Mary’s Fancy”
aka (A Mary MacDonald Reel)
A mixolydian, reel
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Howie MacDonaldCape Breton Fiddle Music Not Calm 2 01:35 (A Mary MacDonald Reel) A reel
Ashley MacIsaacClose to the Floor 2 04:59 (A Mary MacDonald) A reel
Andrea BeatonLicense to Drive ’er 4 01:26 Mary’s Fancy Reel A reel
Melody and Derrick CameronLooking Forward Looking Back 4 04:30 (A Mary MacDonald Reel) A reel
Jason RoachJason Roach 10 03:40 Mary’s Fancy A reel
Various ArtistsBras d’Or House 9 02:19 (unnamed) A reel
Dawn and Margie BeatonTaste of Gaelic 9 01:23 Mary’s Fancy A reel
Wendy MacIsaacOff the Floor 8 04:30 (unnamed) A reel
Douglas CameronDouglas Cameron 3 02:09 Mary’s Fancy A reel
Elmer DeagleElmer Deagle 1 05:11 Mary MacDonalds Hornpipe A reel
This tune starts something like this:
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