Cape Breton Fiddle Music Not Calm
Howie MacDonald
Track Start Tune Type
1 00:00 Intro: Ashley  
2 00:00 John of Badenyon Am reel
  01:01 Hamish the Carpenter Am reel
  01:35 “Mary’s Fancy” A reel
  02:34 Over the Isles to America A reel
  03:24 Sleepy Maggie Bm reel
  04:15 Andy Renwick’s Ferret Am reel
  04:48 “The Campbell Brothers” Am reel
  05:25 Barry’s Trip to Paris Am reel
  05:56 Aoife’s A reel
  06:37 The Hurricane A reel
  07:44 The Flail A reel
  08:26 Shetland Fiddler’s Welcome to the Cape Breton Symphony A reel
  08:51 Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie Dm reel
  10:48 The Kylebrack Rambler D reel
  11:34 Lively Steps D reel
  12:15 Julia Delaney Dm reel
3 00:00 Listen to the Mocking Bird D polka
  01:30 Southern Melodies D reel
  02:46 Crossing the Minch D march
  03:33 Mary McMahon D reel
  04:28 St. Anne D reel
  05:30 Lady Muir MacKenzie D reel
  06:00 Miss Baigrie (Reel) D reel
  06:31 The Uist Lasses’ Darling D reel
  07:02 Largo’s Fairy Dance D reel
4 00:00 The Champion [2] A jig
  00:12 Fairbairn’s A jig
  01:44 Stool of Repentance A jig
  02:29 Buttermilk Mary A jig
5 00:06 Miss Johnston (G Reel) G reel
  00:38 King of the Clans G reel
  01:10 The ‘38 Ford G reel
  01:55 Constitution Breakdown G hornpipe
6 00:14 The Murray River A jig
  01:14 The Road to Skye A jig
  02:08 River Bend A jig
  03:08 The Rakes of Kildare Am jig
  04:09 The Trippers [2] A jig
  05:00 Rose Wood A jig
  06:00 The Mason’s Apron A reel
  08:02 Dillon Brown’s Fancy A reel
  08:34 The Clumsy Lover A reel
  10:04 John Morrison, Assynt House Am reel
  11:01 Kelsae Brig Bm reel
  11:33 Black Mill Bm reel
  11:49 Kelsae Brig Bm reel
  12:06 Sleepy Maggie Bm reel
  12:54 Sweeney’s Buttermilk Bm reel
7 00:00 The Braes of Tullimet Gm strathspey
  01:08 The Duchess of Hamilton G strathspey
  01:21 The Haughs of Cromdale (Setting 1) Gm strathspey
  01:45 John of Badenyon Gm strathspey
  02:40 Tullochgorum G strathspey
  04:59 Paresis Gm reel
  05:51 Miss Johnston (G Reel) G reel
  06:33 Paddy on the Turnpike [1] Gm reel
  07:07 If I Had a Bonnie Lass G reel
  07:32 The East Neuk of Fife G reel
  09:42 Lord Seaforth G reel
  10:14 Duke of Perth G reel
  10:50 Angus on the Turnpike G reel
  11:06 Dowd’s Favorite Gm reel
  12:02 The Strand G hornpipe
  12:59 Cottonwood D reel
  13:55 The Donegal Boys D reel
  14:43 Garfield Vale D hornpipe
  15:38 The Morning Dew Em reel
  16:26 (not listed) Em reel
  16:34 “Charlie’s Brother” Em reel
  17:06 Charlie Hardie (Reel) E reel
  17:38 Molly Maguire E reel
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