Molly Maguire
aka Popcorn, Highland Skip
E major, reel
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
Ashley MacIsaacFiddle Music 101 10 01:15 (not listed) E reel
Howie MacDonaldCape Breton Fiddle Music Not Calm 7 17:38 Molly McGuire E reel
Jerry HollandJerry Holland 5 02:03 Molly McGuire E reel
Andrea BeatonLicense to Drive ’er 9 03:29 Molly McGuire’s Reel E reel
Kendra MacGillivrayClear the Track 10 03:07 Perthshire Hunt E reel
The Queens County FiddlersForty Fiddles Flat Out! 5 03:07 Molly McGuire’s Reel E reel
J. J. ChaissonThe Gift 1 02:45 Molly McGuire E reel
Mike HallDance Hall 5 02:18 (unnamed) E reel
This tune starts something like this:
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