Mrs. J. Forbes
E dorian, reel
composed by Alexander Walker
Recording Track Start Listed Tune Name Type
J. P. CormierReturn to the Cape 12 01:11 Miss Watson’s Em reel
Elmer BriandThe Cape Breton Fiddle of Elmer Briand 12 00:00 Mr. J. Forbes Reel Em reel
Theresa MorrisonLake Bras d’Or 10 03:27 Mrs. Forbes Em reel
Dan Joe MacInnisScottish Canadian Fiddle Music 12 00:46 Mrs. J. Forbes Em reel
Winston FitzgeraldIt’s New 7 01:36 Mrs. J. Forbes Em reel
Gordon CôtéPartners to Places 12 01:24 Mrs. J. Forbes Em reel
Kendra MacGillivrayOver the Waves 11 01:29 Mrs. J. Forbes Em reel
Dan Hughie MacEachernThe Land of My Love 26 01:42 Mrs. J. Forbes Em reel
Ian MacDougallFrom Foot Cape 14 03:50 Mrs. J. Forbes Em reel
Andrea BeatonLicense to Drive ’er 9 01:28 Mrs. J. Forbes Reel Em reel
Winston FitzgeraldClassic Cuts 7 01:36 Mrs. James Forbes Em reel
Melody and Derrick CameronWhen There’s Music... 11 04:52 Mrs. J. Forbes Em reel
Dan R. MacDonaldA Selection of Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Strathspeys 5 01:52 Mrs. J. Forbes Em reel
Cape Breton Fiddlers AssociationLive at the Louisbourg Playhouse 6 04:07 Mrs. J. Forbes Em reel
Various ArtistsThe Buddy MacMaster School of Fiddling: Grand Finale Concert 2009 10 02:30 Miss Forbes Em reel
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